Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Question 1: What is IndyGrown?
  • Question #2: What is special about buying from an IndyGrown farm?
  • Question #3: Where can I buy IndyGrown products?
  • Question #4: I am super excited about urban agriculture and I would love to visit an IndyGrown farm. How can I do that?
  • Question #5: I don't see my favorite local farm on the IndyGrown list. Why not?

IndyGrown is a cooperative network of urban farmers growing a vibrant patchwork of farms that provide an abundance of healthy produce across Indianapolis.

We collaborate by hosting the occasional tour, marketing together, and sharing resources.

IndyGrown farmers offer consumers food that you can trust grown with organic and regenerative practices.

Our other values include:

  • producing food that improves the health of our city’s environment and people,

  • selling food that is accessible to people at all income levels,

  • and sustaining urban farming as a viable livelihood.

You can purchase IndyGrown produce in several ways:

  • visiting a farm during farm stand hours

  • become a CSA member (visit a farm’s website to find out how to sign up)

  • shop and eat at farmers’ markets, grocery stores, and restaurant locations listed on our Where to Buy map

Check out our Where to Buy map, or look at the bottom of each farm’s profile page to see where they sell their produce.

Great! We are excited that you are excited about urban farms. There are several excellent ways to experience our farms:

  1. Come to our farm stands, these are generally open once per week and you can find farm stand days/hours on each farm’s profile page.

  2. Come to an event on our farms. In order to keep an eye on when these opportunities arise check out the Upcoming Events page.

  3. Schedule a farm tour. Specific information about how to do this is only a click away on the Upcoming Events page.

  4. Note our addresses and then bike, walk, or drive by. We may not have time to chat if you haven’t scheduled a tour, but we are excited to be visible urban spaces and would love for you to soak in the beauty of our farm spaces.

IndyGrown started as a collaboration between four urban farms who share similar agricultural ideologies. There are other urban farms in Indianapolis besides us, and we are happy to see urban agriculture flourish. Maybe someday the IndyGrown collaborative will sprout some new members too.